Back to school – Back to business!

I do not know about you, but my feed on social networks has been filled with back to school pictures of family and friends. My children are older and back to school has lost the pleasure it had, but I love to see my friends through the steps I have taken! Nothing like smiling faces and new backpacks!

With children starting a new school year, we are focusing on business again and ending the summer slowdown. Back to school is the perfect time to review your goals and refresh your business!

Here are our top 10 Business Backs!

1. Has your company developed or changed structures in the last year? Talk to a tax professional to make sure you meet the requirements and file the appropriate documents.

2. Look closely at your schedule, are you too big? Do you meet your personal and professional commitments? How do you spend your time, and could you spend your time more efficiently?

3. Is it time to get help? Maybe it's a personal assistant, a copywriter, a social media guru or just a partner you can count on – do not wait until it is too late and you are missing out on commitments!

4. Is your website up-to-date? When did you last edit your copy and images? Do all your links work as they should? Is your site mobile friendly and GDPR compliant? You do not know where to start? Send us an email with a link to your site; we are happy to take a quick look and share your feedback to help you find your way.

5. When did you last raise your rates? September is the perfect time to raise your rates and inform your existing customers of a rate change for the coming year.

6. Have you followed social media? Do you post regularly (text, video or images)? Is your blog up to date? Do not know what to write, check out our blog to create a content calendar containing ideas.

7. When was the last time you launched a new product service? Do you currently have customized programs that you offer to your clients that would have greater appeal? Maybe it's time to make an official launch and reach a wider audience?

8. Speaking of a wider audience – what tools do you use to attract new prospects? Looking for fresh ideas? Download our white paper on the main magnets, or Send us an email to find the best magnets for your business!

9. Find your competitors – what products and services do they offer and at what price? Are you online with their offers?

10. Get out and network! The summer slowdown is over! Networking is great for businesses, not only for generating leads, but also for creating links, but it's also great for putting your pitch into practice and keeping up with trends. You never know what you will learn!

Back to school means a return to business! Get out and get inspired again! Learn something new! Stuck up? We are here to help you! Send us an email for a free consultation. Wherever you are in your business right now, we can help you navigate where you want to be!

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