Our core business is being able to provide our customers with any product in stock at any time at affordable prices at a global level. To be able to maintain efficient and reliable delivery to all our relations we have 50,000 square meters of warehouses at our disposal.

All purchased goods are stored under perfect conditions until they are prepared and shipped straight to customers all over the world. Our fast order processing system and sophisticated logistical system enable quick delivery. Through our wholesale company we can deliver our products within 24 hours in the United Kingdom and within 48 hours in Europe generally. Strict quality control guarantees high level service and delivery.

Real Deal Africa Enterprises is dedicated to providing distribution channels that operate outside of the manufacturers’ core marketplace and protect the brands value both on a local and global scale. Real Deal Africa Enterprises International success has been based on our strong global presence in key markets in Europe, Americas and Africa which has enabled us to align with thousands of direct retail and wholesale channels.