Real deal africa Enterprises have one core operation management team to oversee all projects and this ensures:

  • Overall strategic understanding across all campaigns, regardless of size
  • Continuity of client-facing personnel to build relationships­­­­­­­­­
  • Strong ownership of your business’ requirements are always maintained within our organisation, as well as shared responsibility
  • Knowledge built on specialist subjects over time, delivering further efficiencies with subsequent campaigns

We understand the logistical demands and pricing challenges faced by our customers every day. We succeed by guaranteeing competitive prices, delivery times and providing excellent service at every stage.

We typically sell and purchase the following;

  • Private label stock manufacturers either for exporting, re-labelling or disclaiming
  • Cancelled export orders
  • Over-produced stock
  • Stock realisation prior to financial period ends
  • Manufactured products for utilisation of surplus, discontinued packaging
  • Discontinued products and cancelled promotions
  • Incorrectly labelled stock – we have the ability to re-label
  • Short-dated products

For your peace of mind and the protection of our clients, Real Deal Africa Enterprises carefully screening all would-be suppliers to ensure they meet our criteria and yours:
– Suppliers must commit to the same high standards and strict quality controls as us